Sunday, November 1, 2009


I have never been so afraid.
Tomorrow all of my fears will be confronted, and I will be locked inside four walls - with no possible way out. Tomorrow I shall sign away my freedom, with the irony of getting "better."
My body feels cold as ice. My stomach is churning so incredibly bad that it is making feel utterly ill. I feel no motivation to write tonight. I just wish to cry.
I have never been so afraid.


The concept of time will forever remain relatively unfathomable.
Time remains as the one concept that we, as humans, are unable to control.
Truth be told, some may argue that we cannot control the great Mother Nature very much either. But these people stand corrected, because the difference between these two concepts is that we can control how we respond to weather and the precautions that can be made just before a hurricane hits. There are no precautions when it comes to time.
Sure we can spring forward and fall back - but this will most certainly never help us grasp the present. Minutes, seconds, hours, days, years - they will always be gliding, without our comprehension, from right under our feet. And we'll lose them all... just like that... never to see them again.