Sunday, March 7, 2010


The course of life is certainly not a subject that I have proper authority to speak upon. For I can be defined as nothing more than a community college student with a terrible sinus infection, doped up on codeine. All while attempting to balance the intriguing and joyous lifestyle of tobacco, friends sex, adderall, and which ever other prescription pills are in the forecast that week. But like any human being with a decent IQ, I often find myself pondering life itself... ya know? - the meaning, the people, the past, future, present, etc. etc.
So although old people are overheard constantly complaining about how difficult the teenage years can be, and how stupid teenagers are... I really beg to differ. No respect to old people, however, I believe these are the best years and I believe we are far from stupid. I have come to believe that the elderly (being 35+) have simply responded to this age group in jealousy. Of What?
Of Freedom.
This is the ticket of being young. We have freedom. Never again will we have it. Unless, of course, you decide to never work, never marry, never reproduce, or never get old and helpless enough to require a nursery. Otherwise, you are set with a ticket of freedom...
I ask you to embrace this...

and why you are doing so.
Be reminded.
I am making a new blog ;)