Saturday, October 31, 2009

S L E E P P L E A S E!

The words are pressing against my mind.
Fifteen minutes later, and every time I rest my eyes, I feel the words beating against the iron cage I once called a skull. So many words are seeking an exit, and I haven't enough time or a large enough vocabulary to set them free. So I sit - wide awake- at five a.m.

I hear footsteps coming from upstairs. They will blame my illness for my alertness this early. Their entire body will fill with worry when they observe me sitting here so happily awake in the early hours of the day. Without a wink of sleep, my body moves more energetically than ever before.

It is nights like tonight that I dream of normality. I think back to the words I have spoken and how realistic all of them were. I think back to how you believed I was lying, even though you refused to say so, I knew it. I read it on your face like the front page news.

Ohh, how tired my eyes have really become.

I really wish I could sail away into Dreamland tonight. I wish my mind would settle. I know this is an impossible reality though.

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